Hi, I’m Cath. I grew up in a village in north Buckinghamshire and have since had the opportunity to live in several interesting places, including overseas, but I most enjoy living in a large village and particularly appreciate the communities that exist in villages. I am married and we have two children who attend the primary and secondary schools in the village. We moved to Melbourn last year and selected the village as our new home for a number of reasons; primarily for the forward-thinking curriculum of the Village College and equally importantly, as the preferred environment to continue to raise our children (and our rescue dog!) We are very happy with all that Melbourn has to offer by way of community, schooling, commuting and amenities and look forward to being here indefinitely.  

My career has spanned many industries over the last 20 years, predominantly in international sales and more recently I have worked in school administration. My skills include identifying new business opportunities, relationship building, growing existing market share and I also speak some other languages. I have a wide variety of personal interests, the most significant being music, which has been a lifelong passion. I play a couple of instruments and rehearse and perform with local groups and have played with groups wherever I have lived worldwide. I also regularly attend exercise classes, particularly bootcamps and circuit training, I wouldn’t say I always enjoy them at the time, but I love the camaraderie of working out with others and the physical and mental health benefits! As a family we love exploring new places, here and overseas and enjoy skiing or snorkelling/scuba diving depending on location.

I am delighted to be taking on the role of Time Bank Coordinator, many of my skills are highly transferrable to my new role and I am passionate about keeping the sense of community alive in villages and enabling people to connect with one another. I am part of your community, living here in the village, and coordinating a successful Time Bank is in all our interests, so I am always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please do say ‘Hello’ if you see me out and about in the village, I look forward to continuing to meet people from the local area and encouraging as many of you to get involved as possible!